Warranty Policy

Welcome To The Family Of Budry Owners

Your Budry equipment has been manufactured to meet the highest quality standards set by The Department of Measurement Units, Standards & Services of Sri Lanka and International Organization of Legal Metrology. We urge you to take good care of your equipment and always be sure to follow all instructions carefully. If you do, the equipment will serve you long and well.

Budry Warranty Policy

All scales sold by Budry Scales are covered by a one year comprehensive warranty. Any repairs within and after warranty would be carried out at our Moratuwa factory while waiting. Alternatively, the scale can be picked up via courier and dispatched in 2-3 business days after resolving any issue. The warranty card together with the original purchase receipt must be presented to the Budry authorized service facility before any repair can be made under warranty.

Warranty Policy DOES NOT cover damage resulting from:

a. Usage of equipment other than its normal and customer manner. 
b. Unauthorized disassembly, repair, alteration or modification being carried out.
c. Misuse, abuse negligence or accident however caused to product.
d. Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alternation or modification of the product. 
e. Spillage of food or liquid, corrosion, rust or the use of wrong voltage. 
f. Lightening, accident or negligible use;  
g. War, fire, typhoon, flood or earthquake;  
h. Scratches or damage to plastic surface and all other externally parts that are due to normal customer use;  
i. Connection to a device: (1) not endorsed by Budry; (2) not fit for use with the product.
j. Any electronic data loss due to malfunctioning or repair of the product.
k. Any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any breach of warranty, express or implied, applicable to the product.
l. The serial number has been altered or removed.

The warranty card is issued only at the time of original purchase. It is nontransferable and will not be re-issued.