Introducing the Budry Z-82 Counter Scale: Unmatched Precision with a 15-30 Day Battery Life for Retailers

In the world of retail, precision and efficiency are paramount. Whether you’re a bustling grocery store, a cozy deli, or a thriving supermarket, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. That’s where the Budry Z-82 Counter Scale comes in, a remarkable new product that has already received the coveted approval of The Department of Measurement Units, Standards, and Services of Sri Lanka for trade use. What sets it apart, you ask? Well, one standout feature is its remarkable battery life, lasting an incredible 15-30 days on a single charge, while offering a maximum capacity of 15kg with an accuracy of 5g!

Precision Meets Efficiency

The Budry Z-82 Counter Scale is not your average weighing device. It’s a powerful tool that boasts a bright and distinct Dual Red LED Indicator, ensuring that your measurements are clear and accurate, even in well-lit environments. This feature alone makes it a standout choice for businesses where precision is non-negotiable.

Price Computing Made Easy

Managing prices and ensuring accurate transactions is a breeze with the Z-82. Thanks to its 05-keypad memory, you can save up to 05 items on the scale. This flexibility is a game-changer for retailers, allowing them to streamline their operations and improve customer service.

Unmatched Battery Life

One of the most remarkable aspects of this scale is its impressive battery life. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can last anywhere from 15 to 30 days on a single charge. This extended battery life means fewer interruptions and more uninterrupted business operations. No need to constantly worry about recharging during peak hours; the Z-82 has you covered.

Trusted Certification

When it comes to trade and retail, trust is everything. The Budry Z-82 Counter Scale is proudly approved by The Department of Measurement Units, Standards & Services of Sri Lanka for Trade Use. This prestigious certification ensures that the scale adheres to strict quality and accuracy standards, giving you unmatched confidence in every measurement.

Versatility Beyond Compare

This exceptional scale isn’t limited to just one type of retail operation. It’s versatile, making it suitable for groceries, delis, supermarkets, hardwares, and a wide range of other trade weighing purposes. Whether you’re measuring produce, cheese, hardware supplies, or other items, the Z-82 is up to the task.

Peace of Mind Warranty

Budry stands behind the quality and durability of its products. The Budry Z-82 Counter Scale is no exception. We offer a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected. With this level of commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a reliable partner for your business.

In conclusion, the Budry Z-82 Counter Scale is more than just a weighing device; it’s a valuable asset for retailers who demand precision, efficiency, and versatility. With a maximum capacity of 15kg and an accuracy of 5g, combined with its extraordinary battery life of 15-30 days on a single charge, you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business without constantly worrying about recharging. Experience the difference today with the launch of the Budry Z-82 Counter Scale, approved for trade use and ready to elevate your weighing game.

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Introducing Budry ABD-90: The All-New 30kg Barcode Label Printing Trade Approved Weighing Scale for Retailers

The Budry ABD-90 is a cutting-edge weighing scale that is perfect for super markets, bakeries, groceries, and other retail stores. This fully functional label printing scale comes with barcode sticker printing capability, making it a versatile and convenient tool for businesses of all sizes. Approved by the Measurement Units, Standards & Services Department of Sri Lanka for trade use, this product is a reliable and trustworthy choice for retailers.

One of the standout features of the Budry ABD-90 is its dual range capability, with an accuracy of 5g up to 15kg and 10g from 15-30kg. This makes it suitable for a wide range of products, from small items to larger goods. The scale features a 5-window HD LCD display with blue backlight, providing clear and easy-to-read measurements.
The Budry ABD-90 is designed for efficient and convenient data transfer, with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities. This allows for seamless communication with other devices and systems, making it easy to update prices across multiple scales automatically when server price changes occur. The scale is also Sinhala language compatible, making it accessible for local businesses and customers.

Equipped with a built-in thermal printer, the Budry ABD-90 allows for reliable barcode label printing with various parameters such as product name, gross weight, unit price, total price, company name, time, date, ingredients, manufacture date, expiry date, and other required information. The scale supports multiple print formats and barcode formats, and even allows for customised text file input for price updates based on client’s requirements.

With a maximum item count of 10,000, the Budry ABD-90 offers ample storage for product information, making it suitable for businesses with a large inventory. The scale is also designed with convenience in mind, featuring a drawer-type mechanism for fast and efficient label changing procedures. Additionally, the 189 shortcut keys (63 keys x 3) and customisable print formats in English, Sinhala, or Tamil language make it user-friendly and adaptable to different business needs.

The Budry ABD-90 comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind to retailers. It supports RS232, Ethernet (RJ45), Wi-Fi, and USB connections, ensuring compatibility with various systems and devices.

In conclusion, the Budry ABD-90 is a powerful and feature-rich weighing scale that offers barcode label printing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for retailers. With its dual range capability, built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Sinhala language compatibility, and customisable print formats, it is a versatile and convenient tool for businesses. Its ability to update prices automatically, and ample storage capacity make it a practical choice for managing inventory and pricing. The Budry ABD-90 is backed by a one-year comprehensive warranty, providing assurance and confidence to retailers.

Upgrade your retail operations with the Budry ABD-90 and experience its advanced features and functionalities.

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Budry Launches a Fully Featured Battery Operated Bill Printing Scale

Budry Scales has launched their flagship product for the year 2022 – MFD51 Bill Printing Trade Scale which boasts an all new HD LCD dual sided blue display, 120 shortcut keys, printer on pole, rechargeable battery, 10,000 Item Storage, Wifi Compatibility and many more interesting features. The product is also compatible with Sinhala language and is approved by the Measurement Units Standards and Services Department for Trade use. To view further details on the product, please click on the link below:


Budry Implements a State of the Art Assembly Line at Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Budry Scales, the pioneers of weighing scales in Sri Lanka launches their fully functional, technology rich assembly line at their factory in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. The two conveyor assembly line consists of 20 stations, high accuracy hydraulic calibration apparatus and in line pneumatic tools to ramp up assembling weighing scales in the island. Using latest technology, right tools and having an air conditioned dust free environment enables the company to meet its very high quality standards. Budry considers this revolutionary milestone to be the right step forward in its vision of becoming a weighing scale company of global distinction.



SINGER Sri Lanka Launches the BUDRY ABD-86 Label Printing Weighing Scale

Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the premier consumer durables retailer in the country launched the BUDRY ABD-86 Label Printing Weighing Scale along with the support of Budry Scales during the SINGER Lifestyle Fiesta Exhibition held on 22nd November 2019. A Director of Budry Scales, Mr. Shimer Fazil (B.Eng Elec) gave a demonstration on stage describing the purpose of the scale along with all of its exclusive features.

An overview of how the demonstration went can be viewed using the following link:

Singer – Budry Scales Seal Partnership to Expand Market Footprint

Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the premier consumer durables retailer in the country exchanged agreements to further cement a 30-year-old trusted partnership with Budry Scales (Pvt) Ltd, a pioneering company in the weighing scale industry in Sri Lanka. This latest collaboration between the two companies will assist in foreseeing future sales of Budry weighing scales as well as the introduction of new Budry products through Singer Sri Lanka. Budry Scales has been in existence since the late 1950s and has been engaging in Manufacturing, Importing and Exporting of Trade and Non-Trade Electronic & Dial Type Weighing Scales in Sri Lanka.

Budry Scales deal with two major weighing scale categories –their signature dial scales that work mechanically with springs, and Electronic weighing scales that work with load cells. Abdul Aziz, the founder of Budry Scales was the first person to design and manufacture dial type weighing scales in Sri Lanka in the late 1950s.Today, the second and third generations of his family have ensured that his legacy lives on and continue to run the business whilst expanding their portfolio of electronic weighing scales in the market.

A special feature as to why these weighing scales from Budry almost hold a status of domination in the market is due to their adherence to a very strict pattern approval process set by the government.

Commenting on the partnership between Singer Sri Lanka and Budry Scales, Group CEO of Singer Sri Lanka – Mahesh Wijewardene said, “Singer has maintained a strong relationship of over 30 years with Budry Scales and we see immense growth potential. Being able to build a trustworthy brand among customers now provides added leverage to Budry where consumers can easily access Budry products through our expanse of outlets across the country.”

In 1999, the current Managing Director – Fazil Deen Aziz ventured into electronic weighing scales initially with South Koreaand worked on assembling this variety of scales, further adding on an element of expansion in their portfolio of products over the years. Other members of the immediate family too embraced the importance of education and industry knowledge and went on to achieve academic feats that eventually were aligned with their business operations. Fazil added, “We are proud of the journey we have come so far and with the growth we have experienced through the years which led us to boost our product range and add more choice for our customers. Budry Scales today holds a competitive advantage in the market and we look forward to continue in this successful streak.”

Currently, Budry displays a range of around 100 varieties and 40 models of weighing scales with a maximum capacity of up to 160 tons and a precision of up to 0.1mg. Weighing scales by Budry are especially in demand amongst the agriculture, farming, retail, commercial and industrial communities in Sri Lanka due to their durability, accuracy and trusted service, and their brand image received a boost through their partnership with Singer.With proper service, maintenance and the availability of spare parts for every unit that has been sold for the past 20 years, Budry’s scales can be easily used for over 25 years.

Director Marketing of Singer Sri Lanka – Mr. Kumar Samarasinghe said, “Utilizing Singer’s distributor network and level of trust amongst the public, customers can now easily purchase Budry weighing scales from any of Singer’s 400 outlets and over 1200 dealer networks located across the island. Customers can also anticipate the introduction of new Budry products through Singer in the near future.”

Source: Ada Derana Biz

Down and up in the scale of life – Article published in 2005 about the late Chairman

This article about the late Chairman Mr. W.P. Abdul Aziz was published on 6th March 2005 by the Sunday Times paper. By Smriti Daniel

He is living proof that it is not the times that make the man but the man who makes the times. As someone who has risen above great odds, Abdul Aziz has lived a life that is testament to the old fashioned virtues – hard work, persistence and courage . Today he is the head of Budry Scales (Pvt) Ltd, the first company to manufacture weighing scales in Sri Lanka. Today prosperity is a close companion – but then things were not always so.

“I was born in Slave Island to a poor family,” says Mr. Aziz. He was the seventh child, in a large family. Even then he had what he likes to call a “mechanical mind” and was always picking apart anything he could lay his hands on, so that he could see how it worked. This ability was to prove invaluable when he grew older.

He was still young when World War II began. The war forced numerous hardships on everyone. Food became something of a luxury, he recalls, and people were even forced to eat horse fodder to sustain themselves. Things didn’t get much easier when the war was over. “When we returned to the city, we couldn’t find a house,” says Mr. Aziz. The family was to all intents and purposes on the street, and hardly knew where the next meal was coming from. He was 14 years old at the time.

A relative came to the rescue and thankfully, the family settled into a house in Maradana. Months passed, but again difficult times came. He tried his hand at all manner of jobs, even working as a cobbler for a while. Never having been particularly close to the family, Mr. Aziz chose to leave home at the tender age of 16. In the days that followed hunger and homelessness walked alongside him. Strangely, the one thing he couldn’t do without was a newspaper. That single habit was to change his life.

“One day in the paper I saw an advertisement calling for cullet.” While many wouldn’t have known what cullet was, young Aziz knew that it was the term used to describe the broken glass that was gathered for re-melting. “I immediately wrote to the Ceylon Glass Company,” he says. “I would go by bicycle from shop to shop and home to home collecting it but then someone told me about this factory where they had a huge dump yard with lots of broken glass.” The factory owners asked him to buy it from them. Even though the price was more than reasonable, Mr. Aziz simply did not have the money. He turned to his friends, who loaned him the money.

Taking a desperate gamble, Mr. Aziz hired a truck driver, collected the glass and headed to the factory. He had only a few cents on him and was counting on the payment for the glass to meet the transportation bill. When he got to the factory, he was told that the man in charge was out and would not be in till morning. Mr. Aziz convinced the driver to return to the city after promising payment. He used the last of his money to watch a movie and then spent the night on the street, waiting for dawn and the arrival of the man-in-charge.

When the moment finally came, Mr. Aziz was devastated to find his cullet rejected as too “dirty” for use. For a moment it seemed he would be facing ruin and debt, but then the authorities relented and accepted his goods.
Soon the enterprising youngster began making profits. “One time I made Rs.10,000 (a whopping sum at that time) and my sister insisted I spend the money on getting married.” And so a suitable wife was found for the 26-year-old Abdul. Sharaful Zareena, all of 18 years, was to change his life forever, bringing him a sense of family and belonging that was missing before. In the years to come they were to have a large family – 10 children would share their lives.

Now a married man, he decided to set up shop. Specialising in second hand hardware, Mr. Aziz became known for his ability to take a dysfunctional, uncooperative piece of hardware and have it running smoothly.

The first time a broken weighing scale passed through his hands he bought it for Rs. 35 and sold it for Rs. 75. Recognizing the potential of this business, Mr. Aziz decided to get more heavily involved with it. “I would be up late almost every night repairing scales,” he remembers, going on to explain that his wife would stay up with him, alternately offering him tea and screwdrivers.

An advertisement in a newspaper was to decide his fate again. It proclaimed the sale of numerous weighing scales at the CWE. Soon Mr. Aziz was the proud owner of all kinds of weighing scales, including massive platform scales. With help of some boys, he cleaned and painted those scales and displayed them to advantage – hoping to attract customers. But nobody came. By this time, a month had passed and he was still in debt. So Mr. Aziz decided to advertise. “On the very same day the ad ran in the paper, many big mudalalis in cars came to see the scales, and many were sold.”

It wasn’t long before the authorities noticed. An officer from the Weights & Measures Department stepped in and asked to see the licence. Mr. Aziz hadn’t even known one was needed. He was determined to remedy the situation. The months that followed were difficult and demanding. This young man without any real education to speak of, took up the challenge of mastering all the intricacies of the weighing scales.

After many hours of study, he obtained a licence to repair scales. He was now doing good business. It was inevitable that he would dream bigger – he now wanted to be a manufacturer. No other local business had achieved this, and the Weights & Measures Department had some high standards that had to be met first. Each part of his proposed new weighing scale had to be tested individually and Mr. Aziz met with failure numerous times. Discouraged but determined, he gritted his teeth and went back to work. In the end he triumphed.

As they say, the rest is history. Today Budry Scales (Pvt) Ltd produces instruments trusted not just all over the island, but in other countries too. Enjoying the strong foundation he built for them are his 10 children, 21 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren – all of whom have had a good education according to his wishes.

Mr. Aziz however, is not content to rest on his laurels. “I will keep working until I die,” says the 75-year-old, “life is not meant to be idled away.”

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Budry Label Printing Scale Now Supports Sinhala Language

Budry ABD-86 Label printing scales now support full Sinhala language. This allows the device to print labels and receipts in customized Sinhala text. This feature has been released after immense work put in by Budry’s software development team. Budry is proud to say that it has one of the very few label printing scales in Sri Lanka that fully supports Sinhala unicode. Contact 011-4337085 to upgrade your existing device with Sinhala language.

Budry Electronics introduces weighing scales for jewellery, pawning trades

Budry scales, the trusted name in weighing has dominated the weighing scale industry in Sri Lanka for more than 50 years with a vast range of products that lead in quality and ace the standard requirements of the department of measurements, units, standards and services.
They now present the latest of the lineup, this Class ll level high sensitive scale that is essential in the Jewellery and pawning trades with the latest technology ensuring quality, reliability and a design suited for the present generation.

This scale uses a high quality HBM load cell originated in Germany and a circuit board formed using the latest Korean technology that ensures accurate calibration made to the scale in order to retain accurate and high precision weights correct to the decimals.

The power saving LCD and the inbuilt rechargeable battery make this flagship serve you for more than 24 hours with a single charge. It also compatible with external RS232 printers in order to get the weight
as a print.

This WPA-84 Jewellery scale is available for purchase at Budry showrooms located in Colombo, Mount Lavinia and their factory in Moratuwa. In addition to this, it can also be purchased at Hameedia Gems: 144, Sea street, Colombo 11 and Sharoff Gold House: 28, Green Road, Negombo. The scale would be repaired free-of-charge within one year of purchase since it carries a one-year comprehensive warranty and a three year extended warranty. The company believes that quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are the keys to their growth in this trade and will go beyond their capability to maintain this motto.