Singer – Budry Scales Seal Partnership to Expand Market Footprint

Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the premier consumer durables retailer in the country exchanged agreements to further cement a 30-year-old trusted partnership with Budry Scales (Pvt) Ltd, a pioneering company in the weighing scale industry in Sri Lanka. This latest collaboration between the two companies will assist in foreseeing future sales of Budry weighing scales as well as the introduction of new Budry products through Singer Sri Lanka. Budry Scales has been in existence since the late 1950s and has been engaging in Manufacturing, Importing and Exporting of Trade and Non-Trade Electronic & Dial Type Weighing Scales in Sri Lanka.

Budry Scales deal with two major weighing scale categories –their signature dial scales that work mechanically with springs, and Electronic weighing scales that work with load cells. Abdul Aziz, the founder of Budry Scales was the first person to design and manufacture dial type weighing scales in Sri Lanka in the late 1950s.Today, the second and third generations of his family have ensured that his legacy lives on and continue to run the business whilst expanding their portfolio of electronic weighing scales in the market.

A special feature as to why these weighing scales from Budry almost hold a status of domination in the market is due to their adherence to a very strict pattern approval process set by the government.

Commenting on the partnership between Singer Sri Lanka and Budry Scales, Group CEO of Singer Sri Lanka – Mahesh Wijewardene said, “Singer has maintained a strong relationship of over 30 years with Budry Scales and we see immense growth potential. Being able to build a trustworthy brand among customers now provides added leverage to Budry where consumers can easily access Budry products through our expanse of outlets across the country.”

In 1999, the current Managing Director – Fazil Deen Aziz ventured into electronic weighing scales initially with South Koreaand worked on assembling this variety of scales, further adding on an element of expansion in their portfolio of products over the years. Other members of the immediate family too embraced the importance of education and industry knowledge and went on to achieve academic feats that eventually were aligned with their business operations. Fazil added, “We are proud of the journey we have come so far and with the growth we have experienced through the years which led us to boost our product range and add more choice for our customers. Budry Scales today holds a competitive advantage in the market and we look forward to continue in this successful streak.”

Currently, Budry displays a range of around 100 varieties and 40 models of weighing scales with a maximum capacity of up to 160 tons and a precision of up to 0.1mg. Weighing scales by Budry are especially in demand amongst the agriculture, farming, retail, commercial and industrial communities in Sri Lanka due to their durability, accuracy and trusted service, and their brand image received a boost through their partnership with Singer.With proper service, maintenance and the availability of spare parts for every unit that has been sold for the past 20 years, Budry’s scales can be easily used for over 25 years.

Director Marketing of Singer Sri Lanka – Mr. Kumar Samarasinghe said, “Utilizing Singer’s distributor network and level of trust amongst the public, customers can now easily purchase Budry weighing scales from any of Singer’s 400 outlets and over 1200 dealer networks located across the island. Customers can also anticipate the introduction of new Budry products through Singer in the near future.”

Source: Ada Derana Biz

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